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Our screen printing process

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We are specialists in the use of water-based inks, and we pride ourselves on the exacting execution of our craft. Whether it’s a large wash of solid spot-colour or the delicate interplay of subtle translucent inks, our expertise and understanding of the process produces jaw-dropping screen print on every occasion. 

An integral part of our studio procedure is the pre-press work we put in with our clients. Before a hard-proof or final edition is produced, we work closely with the artist to ensure that there is a clear understanding of how their artwork will become a print edition. The screen print process, by its nature, is far more interpretive than it is purely reproductive, and as such we ensure through conversation and soft-proofing that the final print will truly bring the artwork alive, as well as become an artwork in its own right. 

To compliment the quality of print, we offer a range of premium papers, all acid-free & archival, and with options for both virgin wood-pulp and cotton-rag. Used extensively in our print-making is Somerset paper, 100% cotton and produced locally to the White Duck Editions studio by St Cuthberts Mill, where they have been producing this renowned paper range for more than 100 years.

We also offer a number of special-effect ink finishes, including sumptuous metallics, bold fluorescents, varnishes, black-light UV, and more.

Simply put, we are in the business of producing exceptional screen print that elevates the art form and stands the test of time.

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White Duck Editions Screen Print Process

White Duck Editions Screen Print Process