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White Duck Editions is a leading screen print studio, fine art publisher & giclée print specialist.

We are a UK based editioning house, established in 2005, working with artists & illustrators, galleries, and private commissioning groups, to create outstanding print editions.

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Our clients include: Arcade Fire, Facebook, Jean-Michel Jarre, The Guardian, Led Zeppelin, Little White Lies, Malika Favre, Mogwai, Noma Bar, Nokia, Olly Moss, The Oscars, Shopify, Stanley Donwood, Thames & Hudson, The Rolling Stones, Tool, U2, Xbox.

'Ayahuasca' Screen Print by Peter Diamond

Mesmerising scarcely comes close to describing the effect Peter's artwork has on the eyes. We'd be happy to use that description for any of his works, but for Ayahuasca it is particularly apt. Viewing it is like looking into a hypnotic mirror, which is reflecting back the secret phantasmagoria of the mind. A jolting and surreal experience.

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Do one thing well. It's enough. Screen printed posters for Hiut Denim Co.

If months of lockdown have taught us one thing, it's that taking the time to focus on what our real strengths are is time well spent indeed. Like everyone, we didn't anticipate such a dramatic shift in pace come March, a time when we're typically about to hit the busy spring drive of music concerts, building to festival season.It goes without saying, our commercial output was seriously slowed.

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Our screen printing process

We are specialists in the use of water-based inks, and we pride ourselves on the exacting execution of our craft. Whether it’s a large wash of solid spot-colour or the delicate interplay of subtle translucent inks, our expertise and understanding of the process produces jaw-dropping screen print on every occasion. An integral part of our studio procedure is the pre-press work we put in with our clients. Before a hard-proof or final edition is produced, we work closely with the artist to ensure that there is a clear understanding of how their artwork will become a print edition. 

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