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'M' by Peter Diamond

Posted by Rebecca Cleal on

Here’s a new screen print we produced for Black Dragon Press; one that we’re really proud to have been involved with. The poster is for Fritz Lang’s 1931 ‘M’, and the stunning artwork has been created by Peter Diamond. It’s the second time we’ve worked on a Black Dragon Press & Peter Diamond collaboration, and each time the process of working toward the eventual print has been an utter delight.  The poster alone speaks volumes, but we couldn’t not share these illuminating words from the artist: 

 “‘M’ poses an open question: was Hans Beckert a calculating monster, or a man at the mercy of illness? Beckert inhabits M early on as a huge, deadly shadow over Berlin, and later as a small, sick man pleading for mercy before a mob. The film gives equal weight and depth to both of these Beckerts. Most significantly, the question of which one is the ‘real’ Beckert is left open at the end of the film, and any conclusive answer to that question can only be the viewer’s.  That’s what this poster is about; each person will have to choose in which direction to hang it, to decide which Beckert dominates. And even then, the other Beckert will always be there Underneath.”

 ‘M’ was separated into 8 layers and screen printed at the White Duck Editions studio onto 352gsm Mohawk Superfine, in a regular edition of 125 and variant ‘sepia’ edition of 50. The regular edition has been available from both Black Dragon Press in the UK and Mondo in the US, and the variant was released exclusively through the Black Dragon Press shop.

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'M' by Peter Diamond

 M by Peter Diamond